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SLOSA Steel Challenge

  SLOMO Steel and Steel Challenge have switched weekends!

Steel Challenge (one gun per shooter) shoots the Sunday after the first Saturday of the month (the day after IDPA)

SLOMO Steel (multiple guns) shoots the Sunday after the third Saturday of the month (the day after ICORE) 

If you think you might shoot either of these matches, please search on for "SLOSA Steel" and/or "SloMo Steel" to register and squad yourself. You may need to create a free account.


You can register up to 6:00 pm Saturday night before the match. DON'T WAIT TO REGISTER.... SQUADS FILL UP FAST!!!

The results for regular monthly matches held August 2014 and later are available by searching for "SLOSA Steel Challenge" at:

To see results for earlier matches (July, 2014 or before), click here
SLOSA Steel Challenge matches are the Sunday after the 1st Saturday of each month   Usually, that makes it the 1st Sunday, but if the 1st of the month falls on Sunday, then it's the 2nd Sunday. The Steel match is on the Sunday after the IDPA match.

Registration begins by 8:00 AM (please register ahead of time on-line using if possible).  Please arrive no later than 8:30 AM the morning of the match for payment of fees and squadding. New Shooter Orientation is at 8:45 AM, and Shooting starts at 9:00 AM.  
The match fees are: 
  • General Public: $20 
  • SLOSA Members: $15 
  • under 18 and Cal Poly students: $10 
  • one gun per competitor
The Steel Challenge is friendly to all handgun, sight and action types. Shooters can participate in many different categories.

Centerfire categories shoot from a holster and include:   Open (optics), Limited (USPSA guidelines), Iron Sight Revolver, Optical Sight Revolver and Single Action

Rimfire shoots from "low ready" and includes:   Iron Sight Rimfire and Open Rimfire (optical sights)
(Note: A holster is not necessary for rimfire shooters, but a bag or case of some sort is needed to store the gun between stages)

We also allow pistol caliber carbines (rifles which shoot pistol calibers such as 9mm) in both iron sights (PCCI) and optics (PCCO)

The Steel Challenge organization has some additional specialty categories which we currently track including:
Law Enforcement, Military, Lady, Junior (-17), Senior (55-64) and Super Senior (65+)

We shoot 8 stages. Each stage has 5 steel targets and we shoot each stage 5 times (strings) except for "Outer Limits" which we shoot 4 strings.  That's a minimum of 195 rounds if you don't miss.  Make-up shots are allowed so the typical match is around 250 rounds.  It's preferable to have 5 magazines or speed loaders (or a good friend to reload magazines for you between strings) to save time.  We throw out the worst string and total up the rest to give a total time for the match.

The 8 Stages of Steel Challenge are:   5 To Go - Accelerator - Outer Limits - Pendulum - Roundabout - Showdown - Smoke & Hope - Speed Option 

Steel Challenge Rules can be found at the Steel Challenge website 

For more information about Steel shooting at the SLOSA range, contact the Steel Challenge venue head.   Randy Ellison