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SLOSA Tactical Shotgun/Tactical Rifle


Due to a low turnout over the last year, we will be making changes to our Tactical Shotgun/Tactical Rifle matches. Please stay tuned for further announcements.
Results can be found by going to practiscore results and searching SLOSA.
Prior match (prior to Practiscore) results can be found HERE
Join us on Facebook HERE for match announcements, pictures, and discussion.
Sign-ups are at 8:30 a.m.; shooting starts at 9:00 a.m. Range fee is $30.00 for non-members or $20.00 for SLOSA members.


Please send comments (good or bad) so that we can continually improve the match.

Thank you.

Aaron Runyan

SLOSA Tactical Shotgun Match Information
We have 5 or 6 stages. Plan on shooting 125 rounds birdshot (Lead shot only!, max size #6 ), ten (10) slugs, and five (5) 00 buckshot.

Most of the stages will be knockdown steel, some stationary clays, a couple of flippers, lots of barricades with ports, and some speed shoots. Maximum round count per stage will be limited to 24 rounds.
Tactical Shotgun Division Summary
Open: Typically semi auto shotguns (12 or 20 gauge). Optics, ported barrels, speed loaders.
Tactical: Semi auto shotguns (12 or 20 gauge). No optics, ported barrels, or speed loaders.
Pump: Manually operated shotguns(12 or 20 gauge). Pump shotgun with ports is allowed.
So bring any shotgun and plan on having a great time!  
Tactical Rifle Match Information
Plan on 5-6 stages with mainly paper targets, some off hand rifle steel, and some long range targets at 200 yards+. Round count will be around 150-175 for the match. Match scoring will be time plus and use multigun paper scoring (2 shots anywhere on paper or 1 shot in the upper or lower A zone).
Tactical Rifle Division Summary
Open: No restrictions on bi pods, optics, etc.
Tactical:  One magnified optic (offset ironsights are ok). No bi pods or supporting devices.
Limited: One non magnified optic or iron sights. No bi pods or supporting devices.
Heavy Metal Tactical: Minimum rifle caliber is .30 cal. One magnified optic.
Heavy Metal Limited: Minimum rifle caliber is .30 cal. One non magnified optic or iron sights