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San Luis Obispo Sportsmen's Association

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Are you new to shooting or new to ICORE?    
Here are some answers to common questions. 
Must I be a member?
You need not be a member to shoot a match. What you do need is a basic understanding of firearm safety, and some shooting equipment. 

If you don't have any equipment yet, we do not recommend that you buy equipment before attending a matchup see what kinds of equipment are commonly used.  We can help you choose the appropriate gear to participate.
If you already own a revolver, holster and belt we encourage you to come and shoot a match. If you do not own this minimum level of equipment, or would like to see what a match is about before shooting one, please come on out to watch and ask questions. After the match has concluded, you are welcome to stay and "chew the fat" with the members. Experienced shooters are always enthusiastic about discussing match procedures, techniques and equipment.
Is Revolver Shooting Safe?
We operate a "cold" range during the match. ALL REVOLVERS WILL REMAIN UNLOADED WHEN NOT UNDER THE DIRECT CONTROL OF THE RANGE OFFICER. Handling a loaded revolver when not under the direct control of the Range Officer will result in a match disqualification and expulsion from the range for that match day. Revolvers may only be handled under the direction of the Range Officer or at a Safe Area (special table provided at each stage). AMMUNITION MAY NOT BE HANDLED AT THE SAFE AREA! From the time the Range Officer gives the command to "Load and Make Ready" until the revolver is holstered or placed back in a bag, the revolver muzzle must not break the “180”, an imaginary line perpendicular to the length of the stage range (meaning always keep the muzzle pointed down range). The Range Officer (RO) is in charge of the stage range and all in attendance will follow his instructions immediately and without question. Failure to follow the RO commands will result in disqualification from the match and expulsion from the range.
What equipment do I need?
Minimum equipment is a revolver of .32 magnum caliber or larger (.38 Special is most common), a holster which holds the firearm securely and covers the trigger guard, and a belt strong enough to carry the revolver and ammunition in a safe manner. All participants and spectators must wear eye and ear protection when shooting is in progress. Other useful stuff is a minimum of five speed loaders and pouches to carry them, a cylinder brush and a box or bag for carrying your gear. If you would like to shoot but don't quite have all the gear, we can arrange to lend equipment for the match. Generally, 200 rounds are sufficient to complete all courses of fire.

What are the different categories of Revolvers and what do they mean?
Revolvers are categorized by 4 divisions: "Open," "Limited," "Limited-6," or "Classic."

An Open revolver is allowed to have any conceivable modification. Typically, Open revolvers have some kind of optical sight, special barrels and recoil reducing ports or "compensators" at the end of the barrel.

Limited revolvers may only have iron sights.  The cylinder may be machined to accept moonclips, and the revolver can have an action job and accesories like extended mag releases and custom grips.
Limited-6 revolvers follow the same rules as limited except they may only have 6-round cylinders.

Classic revolvers are 6-shot revolvers with iron sights and factory barrels.  They must use speedloaders, not moonclips.
What kind of ammunition do I need?
Either factory loaded or reloaded ammunition is fine for our match. We do have a minimum 120 power factor which is calculated by multiplying the weight of the bullet in grains by the speed of the bullet in feet per second. If you are using a 158 gr. Bullet it must have a velocity of 759 ft. per second. At our club matches, we are informal, and your ammunition will not be tested.
I'm not yet 18. Is that ok?
Shooters under 18 years old can and do shoot our matches, but they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We do encourage Juniors to compete.