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The following is an introduction to the SLOSA Rifle-Pistol range.    Please be aware that the Range Safety Officers (RSOs) on duty at the range are the final authority on all safety and other range issues.    Please follow their directions at all times.

In addition to any range-specific procedures, all shooters and visitors are expected to follow all common firearm safety rules including but not limited to:
  • Always treat all guns as if they are loaded
  • Always keep all guns pointed in a safe direction (don't point it any anything you are not willing to destroy)
  • Load the gun only when ready to shoot
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
  • Hearing protection and eye protection must be worn at all times when the range is hot (active).
The SLOSA Rifle-Pistol range is available for members and non-members alike during posted operating hours.   The hours are shown on the SLOSA website ( and on the rifle-pistol page ( ).   We operate a "cold" range meaning that guns are to be safety stored and unloaded when brought onto the range.  Please only take your gun out when at the firing line and only load it when you are ready to shoot.

As you come into the rifle-pistol range, please have hearing protection and eye protection in place.   Loaner safety glasses and foam earplugs are available if you do not have your own.  As you come into the range, the RSO booth will be directly in front of you.  Please come around to the right side and sign you waiver form, pay your fee, and get your paper target (if so desired).     

The SLOSA Rifle-Pistol has both fixed steel targets and target stands which let you put paper targets out.   The steel targets are there for anyone to shoot.   The near steel targets on the right side of the range are for pistol only.  For rifle, there are steel gongs at distances of up to 700 yards.   If you prefer to shoot paper targets, you can bring your own or you can choose from a variety of paper targets available at the range.   Plywood target stands are available.   During a ceasefire, you will staple a paper target to one of these stands and then put it on one of the target stand holders in a line with your shooting bench.   There are holders at various distances out to 100 yards.   When you are done shooting for the day, please fetch your target stand during a ceasefire and return it to where you got it.

The SLOSA Rifle-Pistol range operates on a cycle of approximately 20 minutes between ceasefires.   During the 20 minutes, you are welcome to load and shoot your gun safety as much as you like.  You can engage either the steel targets appropriate for the type of gun you are shooting or the paper target if you put one out.  Please do not shoot the paper targets of put one by others on adjacent benches.    As the 20 minute shooting session is about to end, the RSO will call "One minute until ceasefire".   At this point, shoot up any remaining rounds in your gun and/or unload your gun.  Do not load more rounds.    After another minute, the RSO will announce "Ceasefire".   At this point, unload your gun, magazine out, action open and put it on the bench with the barrel pointed downrange.    Step behind the yellow line which runs behind the shooting benches.   Once the RSO has checked that all guns are unloaded and everyone is behind the yellow line, they will declare it safe to go down range.   PLEASE DO NOT CROSS THE YELLOW LINE DURING THIS TIME!   DO NOT HANDLE WEAPONS IN ANY WAY DURING THE CEASEFIRE!    This period is a time for you to go downrange, put out new targets or fetch old ones.   If you are done for the day, please get any target stand you put out and return it to where you got it.   If you don't need to deal with a target, please just relax behind the yellow line for the few moments of the ceasefire.    Once the RSOs determines that everyone is back from downrange, they will declare the ceasefire over and the range hot.   At this point, you are free to cross the yellow line and resume safely shooting for another 20 minutes.

Hours and prices plus any special announcements are posted to the SLOSA Rifle-Pistol page (click here to go to that page).  Restrooms are available at the parking lot corners of the office next to the rifle-pistol long house.